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Our technology is designed to be platform agnostic allowing you to use any study materials or practice tests available while still being in control. Our proprietary algorithm is based on Salesforce's certification specifics providing you with weighted average scores that will help you know when to attempt your certifications.

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Everyone has a unique learning style. Whether you prefer hands-on, classroom, or textbook learning our system is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace. Take your time and allow the algorithm behind our technology to help you know when you are ready to move to the next stage. This saves you time, money and most of all frustration.

Track Your Progress

We are continually updating our system to allow you to track every certification available from Salesforce. Whether you are using Trailhead, Salesforce University or any of the plethora of eLearning platforms available, let us help you track your progress and know when to move to the next step in your journey.

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We are the only platform that allows you to track your own progression. Our goal is to put the keys to success back in your hands and empower you to succeed. We strive to help you feel equipped and know when you are ready to attempt your next certification.

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Our proprietary algorithm is based on the weighted averages provided by Salesforce pertaining to their certification exams. We understand that there are hundreds of eLearning platforms available to you and empower you to study wherever you feel you will help empower you to succeed. Since there are a plethora of learning platforms, we want to ensure you understand our technology and terminology is based on what Salesforce provides pertaining to their certifications. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of section names, scoring results or terminology used throughout our platform with any study materials not endorsed or provided by Salesforce. We apologize if this causes you any confusion or undue complexity in tracking your own progression but are focused on aligning our algorithms with the actual weighted averages and terminology you will experience when attempting your certification exams through Salesforce and WebAssessor.

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As a Salesforce-certified administrator, your expertise puts you in a unique position to work with stakeholders to define requirements, customize the platform, and enable users to get the most out of Salesforce. We offer two levels of administrator credentials that will keep you up to date with the latest Salesforce releases and validate your skills and experience:

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Advanced Administrator

App Builders

The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder credential is designed for those who can demonstrate skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the platform.

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Platform App Buiklder


Our Salesforce-certified architect credentials comprise three tiers of certification that recognize specialized knowledge and skills, as well as your growing expertise in the Salesforce platform:

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Data Architecture and Management Designer
Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer
Identity and Access Management Designer
Integration Architecture Designer
Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer
Sharing and Visibility Designer

Disclaimer: The following architect certifications do not have scoring models currently avaialbel:
Technical Architect
Application Architect
System Architect


Salesforce-certified consultants are invaluable contributors to the success of Salesforce customers. Our credentials test your ability to blend technical expertise in specific Salesforce products, with your experience in applying that knowledge to solve real-world business challenges in a customer-facing role.

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Community Cloud Consultant
Field Service Lightning Consultant
Marketing Cloud Consultant
Pardot Consultant
Sales Cloud Consultant
Service Cloud Consultant


Salesforce-certified developers are able to utilize a powerful mix of programmatic and declarative skills to extend and customize applications on the platform. We offer levels of developer credentials, designed to test your technical proficiency, as well as your degree of real-world experience.

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Developer I
Developer II
Commerce Cloud Digital Developer


Salesforce-certified marketing experts create more effective 1:1 customer journeys. Our credentials test your proficiency in Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities, as well as your knowledge of marketing best practices for email and social campaigns.

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Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Marketing Cloud Social Specialist
Marketing Cloud Consultant

Pardot Experts

Salesforce-certified Pardot experts are able to utilize their marketing automation expertise to transform business-to-business engagement. We offer two levels of certification that test your knowledge and experience using Pardot in a variety of roles and contexts.

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Pardot Specialist
Pardot Consultant


The Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist credential is designed for individuals who have experience implementing the Salesforce CPQ solution. This credential is a great way for individuals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing quoting flows through the Salesforce CPQ platform. Once credentialed, Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialists will have proven their mastery of building bundle configurations, pricing, output documents, and renewals and amendments.

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CPQ Specialist