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Our primary goal is to empower you to be in control throughout the process of obtaining your Salesforce certifications by connecting students to mentors and leveraging learning materials. Whether you are on your first, or perhaps your 20th, Salesforce certificate we are working to empower you to succeed. While there are dozens upon dozens of learning platforms out there, we are the ONLY platform that allows you to track your progress and know WHEN to attempt your certifications.

We have accomplished this through empowering you to leverage study at your own pace materials with an integrated progress tracking system that helps you identify when you are ready to attempt a certification This saves you time, money and truly empowers you to be in charge of your own future. Are you ready to embark on your Salesforce journey?

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We Partner Technology With Experience

Our team is comprised of industry experts spanning every role you can dream of obtaining within your Salesforce career. Together we have over a decade of experience working with Salesforce, training users and making our own mistakes which have lead us to where we are today. We came together with the sole mission of making it easier to control your growth track by leveraging interactive learning platforms and intuitive technology to track your own progress. There were so many tools available to LEARN but very little to determine when you are READY to attempt certification.

There is a plethora of educational materials on the market including Trailhead by Salesforce and tools such as SFDC99 or FocusOnForce we know that it can be tough to determine when you are ready to attempt certification. We hope to provide you with a central portal to track your progress across any learning portal or through our interactive platform at {Currently In Development} which is a collaborative learning experience spanning all of our backgrounds. Rather than get arbitrary and sometime trick questions, we leverage our real-world experience to ensure you have more than just 'book knowledge' and can achieve success in your attempted certifcations and real world situations.

We Connect Mentor To Student

The Salesforce culture of 'ohana' is at the core of everything we do. We believe in connecting beyond the 'classroom' or workplace and bringing together experts from every industry and level of knowledge to form a community of our own. Similar to the PowerOfUS and Salesforce Success communities, we strive to provide tools and resources which are maintained by the highest caliber of Salesforce professionals with the goal of mentoring you along your journey. Whether you are starting your path to Admin, well on your way to Architect or anywhere in between; you are not alone.

Our admins work to stay up to date on the latest news, technology and capabilities within the Salesforce world so that we can provide you with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve. We not only want to connect you with a mentor but we will also pursue you and check in with you along the way. We believe in leveraging a centralized and collaborative mind which is always learning so that we can continue to serve you the best tools available. Our goal is truly to connect you with the tools, resources, and community that will empower you to take control of your Salesforce journey.